• Tough as Nails: The Complete Cases of Donahue

  • The Complete Casebook of Cardigan, Volume 1: 1931-32

  • The Complete Casebook of Cardigan, Volume 2: 1933

  • The Complete Casebook of Cardigan, Volume 3: 1934-35

  • The Complete Casebook of Cardigan, Volume 4: 1935-37

Available at long last: definitive, archival editions of hard-boiled author Frederick Nebel's classic stories. Rarely—if ever—have any of these stories been reprinted. These high-quality editions contain all the original illustrations and informative introductions and articles.

The Frederick Nebel Library is available in softcover, hardcover, and ebook formats.

About the Author

Frederick Nebel

Frederick Nebel (1903-1967) was the author of scores of short stories and novels over his long career. In the heyday of Black Mask, two series stood head and shoulders above the rest: Dashiell Hammett’s adventures of the Continental Op, and Frederick Nebel’s saga of Richmond City. Both authors excelled in their mastery of the hardboiled style, the depth and humor of their characters, the richness of their settings and the varied scope of their stories. But while Hammett is now a household name, Nebel has been largely relegated to the shadows. Until now, with the Frederick Nebel Library.